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Hard Acceleration

Davin Jamison is already burned out when he receives an honorable discharge from the United States Army.

After he lands a job in Manhattan, Kansas, his life seems to be on track until his boss lays him off. As a father and husband, Davin already feels the pressure as the provider. But when his wife continually reminds him of his failed military career, an angry David abandons his family for a new beginning in Arkansas.

Anxious to see Kansas in his rear mirror, Davin pushes his motorcycle to its limits. After he speeds past a trooper, the officer pursues him on a death-defying chase into Topeka that grabs news coverage and the attention of two men who bail him out of jail. Donald Walker and Richard Sharpe have been searching for the right driver to represent them in the Transcontinental American Race. As an alternative to prison, they invite Davin to participate in a coast-to-coast race with sixteen others that include an Englishman, an ex-marine, and a beautiful Porsche test driver.

As the race begins, Davin soon learns that speed limits are simply suggestions.